57 Mushers sign up for 2021 Iditarod

Official release from the Iditarod:


Wasilla, Alaska – The Iditarod announced that 57 mushers have submitted their
entries for the 49th running of the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race to be held in March of
2021. This number represents 17 more or a 42.5% higher number than was submitted
at this time last year.

In the spirit of social consciousness, the Iditarod created a virtual process in lieu of the
musher sign ups at Iditarod Headquarters traditionally held on the last Saturday in June.
Additionally, in order to mitigate the economic impact from reduced summer tourism, the
Iditarod has reduced its entry fees and created the Pike Dogs First Wellness Initiative,
made possible by a donation from David Pike, to provide funding for veterinary

“Although there continues to be a struggle with a global pandemic, economic hardships
and social unrest, the Iditarod is the embodiment of resolve and continues to anticipate
change while still doubling down on the integrity, spirit and self-reliance of the race. With
considerably more mushers entered at sign up day than last year we hope that we can
provide unifying inspiration,” said Iditarod CEO Rob Urbach

Today’s entrants include 15 rookies. International teams include teams from
. The majority of mushers hail from
Alaska, however, the states of Minnesota, Montana, and Wisconsin are represented as

Current Iditarod champion Thomas Waerner, four-time champions Martin Buser, Jeff
King, and Dallas Seavey, along with 2019 champion Pete Kaiser, and 2018 Iditarod
champion Joar Leifseth Ulsom, will join a deep field of veteran finishers and an
impressive lineup of international long-distance race teams.

Iditarod organizers have been preparing for the 2021 race since the 2020 race ended in
March. Iditarod Race Director, Mark Nordman explained how the race is moving in

“Even before there was a single COVID-19 case in Alaska and before the start of the
2020 Iditarod, the ITC proactively engaged with Alaska’s health care leaders, state
government officials, and rural community leaders in contingency planning. With an
emerging COVID-19 pandemic, our primary goals were to protect our rural community
checkpoints, and all involved in the race, including rural residents, mushers, and
volunteers. We overcame a number of logistical challenges and we were fortunate
enough to finish the race in Nome.”

Nordman added that, “Today, we are focused on executing the 2021 race with hypersensitivity to the pandemic. We are expanding our plan development to include those
we consulted with during the 2020 race, as well as a broader community of state and
rural health safety responders. In an effort to ensure the safest path through this
pandemic for the Last Great Race we are modeling three tiers of contingencies that
correspond to a range of future COVID status predictions. There are many factors to
consider, and we will make our best effort to provide the safest event possible in this
changing environment.”

The Iditarod is in receipt of the following musher’s entries:

1 Paige Drobny Cantwell AK Veteran
2 Jason Campeau
Rocky Mountain
House Alberta CANADA Veteran
3 Jennifer Campeau
Rocky Mountain
House Alberta CANADA Rookie
4 Martin Buser Big Lake AK Veteran
5 Riley Dyche Fairbanks AK Veteran
6 Dan Kaduce Chatanika AK Veteran
7 Ryne Olson Two Rivers AK Veteran
Sebastien Dos
Santos Borges Chazey-Bons FRANCE Rookie
9 Joanna Jagow Fairbanks AK Rookie
10 Dennis Kananowicz Tolsona AK Veteran
11 Jeff Deeter Fairbanks AK Veteran
12 Michelle Phillips Carcross Yukon Territory CANADA Veteran
13 Matt Hall Two Rivers AK Veteran
14 Ryan Redington Knik AK Veteran
15 Gunnar Johnson Duluth MN Veteran
16 Brent Sass
Manley Hot
Springs AK Veteran
17 Linwood Fiedler Willow AK Veteran
18 Marcelle Fressineau Whitehorse Yukon Territory CANADA Veteran
19 Karin Hendrickson Willow AK Veteran
20 Lev Shvarts Willow AK Veteran
21 Wade Marrs Willow AK Veteran
22 Jeff King Denali Park AK Veteran
23 Aaron Peck Grande Prairie Alberta CANADA Veteran
24 Nicolas Petit Girdwood AK Veteran
25 Josi Thyr Olney MT Rookie
26 Gabe Dunham Willow AK Rookie
27 Cody Strathe Cantwell AK Veteran
28 Susannah Tuminelli Willow AK Rookie
29 Mats Pettersson Kiruna SWEDEN Veteran
30 Will Troshynski Two Rivers AK Rookie
31 Chad Stoddard Anchorage AK Rookie
32 Ramey Smyth Willow AK Veteran
33 Anna Berington Knik AK Veteran
34 Kristy Berington Knik AK Veteran
35 Christopher Parker Fairbanks AK Rookie
36 Thomas Waerner Torpa NORWAY Veteran
37 Dakota Schlosser Willow AK Rookie
38 Aaron Burmeister Nome/Nenana AK Veteran
39 Hal Hanson Kenai AK Rookie
40 Dallas Seavey Talkeetna AK Veteran
41 Jessie Royer Fairbanks AK Veteran
42 Richie Diehl Aniak AK Veteran
43 Joar Leifseth Ulsom Mo i Rana NORWAY Veteran
44 Paul Gebhardt Kasilof AK Veteran
45 Shaynee Traska Two Rivers AK Veteran
46 Peter Kaiser Bethel AK Veteran
47 Brett Bruggeman Great Falls MT Veteran
48 Matt Failor Willow AK Veteran
49 Aliy Zirkle Two Rivers AK Veteran
50 Travis Beals Seward AK Veteran
51 Alan Eischens Wasilla AK Veteran
52 Sean Williams Chugiak AK Rookie
53 Joshua McNeal Fairbanks AK Rookie
54 Mille Porsild DENMARK Veteran
55 Severin Cathry SWITZERLAND Rookie
56 Quince Mountain Mountain WI Rookie
57 Sarah Stokey Seward AK Veteran