Man Has An Amazing Attitude About Flying To The Wrong Sydney

Imagine the excitement of your dream trip Down Under to Sydney, Australia where you’ll board a cruise for an awesome vacation!

62-year-old Kingsley Burnett of New York did just that…but he knew something was off when he saw snow-capped mountains in the distance. Yep…turns out he never made it out of the U.S., but rather in Sidney, MONTANA.  It’s a small town near the North Dakota border with 6,000 people. So how did that happen?  Similar airport codes.  Sydney, Australia is S-Y-D . . . and Sidney, Montana is S-D-Y.

While most of us would probably lose our minds over the mistake, Carol the ticketing agent says he had an awesome sense of humor about it.  She tried to book him on another flight but there was no way to make it to Australia in time for his cruise.  So he stayed overnight in Billings, and flew right back to New York.

The good news is he’s trying again…and re-booked his trip to Australia for this June.