Taz & The Moose

  • Monday-Friday 2:00am-5:00am

Taz (Pete Senerchia) Bio:

Taz is a multi-time professional wrestling world heavyweight champion, a
celebrated TV color commentator and an award-winning podcaster. Taz
complements his no-holds-barred style with comedic timing and sarcastic
wit – assets that have served him well in more than three decades of
wrestling and broadcasting.

While Taz has a storied past with WWE, ECW & TNA, the former college
football player also completed the 500th episode of his very popular live
digital streaming program, “The Taz Show,” which covered sports
entertainment, the NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, and MLB, as well as in-studio
guests and live interaction with daily callers since 2015.


Marc Malusis Bio:

Marc always dreamed of working as a sports broadcaster, from his days at
St. Catharine’s to Don Bosco Prep and eventually to Syracuse University.
After graduating from Syracuse, Marc worked as the sports and news
director for WRCR in Rockland County, New York. After 18 months of
working doubles for the 500-watt station, Marc decided that it was time for
a change and got a job as a part-time employee at WFAN. Yes, he is a proud
member of the WFAN internship program.

He was part of the original schedule on CBS Sports Radio, doing a Saturday
morning show with Maggie Gray, called “Moose & Maggie.”
In March 2008, Marc was hired as a personality for SNY. He was first hired
as a debater on SportsNite and has appeared on DNL, The Wheelhouse,
LoudMouths and BNNY.
Marc was tagged with the nickname “Moose” by radio personality Joe
Benigno. It stuck and has been with him for the last 17 years…