Source: YouTube

Isaac Taylor’s family car was totaled in an accident 6 months ago. Ever since, he’s ridden his bike every day – eight miles there and eight miles home. After working his overnight 10-hour shift and biking home in the morning, Taylor would then walk his young kids to school.

“It was early in the morning after working a full graveyard shift, 10-hour shift. It was very tough,” he said.

But Taylor knew he had to do it. He’s a single father of six, and a father figure to even more. “I’ve been through a lot. So, struggle is just part of getting to the next big thing,” he said. He’s also struggled with homelessness in the past until he got on his feet. 

Thanks to the National Auto Body Council’s Recycled Rides Program and nonprofit Family Promise of Sacramento – along with help from Caliber Collision and Travelers Insurance – Taylor was gifted a car Thursday morning.

He said he “cried like a baby.” He said now he can do so much more, show up earlier to work, pick up his kids and go back to school.