The World’s Oldest Dog Is Over 30-Years-Old

Guinness World Records has introduced Bobi, the world’s oldest dog ever, at 30 years, 266 days old! Now listen, before we give all the props to Bobi, we have to acknowledge 23-year-old Spike who just got the title last month and already…it’s stripped away. Sad face.

Bobi lives in Portugal and has broken a long-running record for the oldest dog EVER. That one was set from 1910 to 1939 by Bluey, an Australian cattle-dog who lived 29 years, 5 months. “Bobi is 30 years 266 days old as of February 1, 2023. He has lived his entire life with the Costa family in a rural village in Portugal,” the Guinness statement said. “Bobi is purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, which is a breed of livestock guardian dog with an average life expectancy of 12-14 years.”

Bobi’s age has been confirmed through a 1992 registration. What’s the secret to his long life? He’s never chained or leashed and roams the farmland and forests near the Costa home. His diet has always been human food and not dog food!